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FfAI provides support for operations, projects and research to new and alternative forms of ​institutions​ that are active in visual art and culture. We also make grants to i​ndividuals​ for their self-directed research and related travel. FfAI currently supports individuals, collectives, and organizations whose work may be threatened by extreme conflict, repressive political contexts, public intolerance, or other circumstances that restrict access to funding.

During the Covid-19 crisis, FfAI is offering greater flexibility to institutions to use funding for essential services and expenses, and to individuals seeking help with urgent needs, such as living expenses.

Recent grants have focused on research and practices that address the escalating culture wars, the erosion of rights, censorship, and other conditions of constraint. Grants to individuals are awarded for critical assistance during the Covid-19 crisis or for research related to specific areas central to FfAI’s ongoing concerns, including alternative forms of institutionality, the redefinition and use of archives, new applications for the commons, and the development of dynamic definitions of community, connectivity, and solidarity.

If your project or plans fit FfAI’s current focus and priorities, you may submit an online inquiry. You should review our recent grants first to see the kinds of institutions and projects we currently support. It will help you evaluate if your institution or project might be considered for funding.


Institutions may submit an inquiry for an institutional grant to sustain their general activities, for project funding, or for research support. Based on the inquiry, your organization may be invited to provide additional information for a grant proposal. Anyone may submit an inquiry, but a proposal must be invited. In general, grants are given to institutions with annual budgets of less than $1,000,000.

You will be asked to enter the name of the institution as it appears on its legal status documents and bank account. If your organization is in the U.S., it must be classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. If your organization is not in the U.S., it must be created and operated exclusively for charitable and/or educational purposes. You will be asked to submit a statement to that effect ( on your organization’s letterhead, signed by an authorized officer.

Individuals w​ho are artists, activists, curators, critics, researchers, writers, or otherwise active in organizing projects in visual art and culture may submit an inquiry for a research or Covid-19 grant of $7,500. Based on your inquiry, we will let you know if you are selected to receive a grant.

Grants are not awarded for scholarships or residency programs​, and all research and related travel must be independent of any institutional or professional obligations. Grant funds may not be transferred to anyone else and are not intended for the production of work or the purchase of major equipment.

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond directly to every inquiry. We will contact you if we need additional information or if you are selected for an individual grant. If you don’t hear from us within four months, it means your inquiry has not been selected.

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