Contemporary Memory

FfAI is committed to initiatives invested in documenting and archiving contemporary arts, particularly when linked to institutions and parts of the world where resources devoted to archiving are unavailable or hard to come by. “Contemporary memory” projects supported by FfAI are underway in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East with the aim of developing, maintaining, and making accessible material related to contemporary artists and independent arts organizations. Such archives may take the form of oral histories, Web archives, and anthologies, among other types of documentation.


  • Africa South Art Initiative
  • Arab Image Foundation
  • Asia Art Archive
  • BAS – Istanbul Sanat Arastirmalari Dernegi
  • Clark House Initiative
  • Etcetera
  • Francesc Torres
  • History of Arab Modernities in the Visual Arts
  • Indonesian Visual Art Archive
  • International Errorist
  • Luz Algranti
  • Mesa de Escrache Popular
  • Raking Leaves
  • Red Conceptualismos del Sur
  • The Substation
  • Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh


  • BAS– Istanbul Sanat Arastirmalari Dernegi
  • Townhouse Gallery