The Foundation for Arts Initiatives is an independent foundation supporting exceptional arts endeavors and artist-led initiatives around the world. It helps new ventures in contemporary arts that may be at a critical point in their development and organizations involved with emerging or under-recognized artists.

Its mission is to:

  • support the independence of artists to pursue autonomous practices, free from market pressures or the agendas of governmental or institutional funding
  • foster new forms of organization and alternative ways of operating, such as non-institutional collectives and networks that remain in flux
  • encourage expanding and evolving definitions of community, engaging not just the local community, but across borders and cultures
  • nurture the establishment of new global networks not based on neocolonial or market strategies
  • promote open access and transparency in sharing information, mutual interests and goals

In carrying out its mission, FfAI supports:

Artists and curators and their “under the radar” activities and processes, allowing them to knead ideas over and over, unencumbered by market considerations or institutional constraints. FfAI also funds artist-founded and artist-led organizations, including those for the education of younger or less established artists.

Projects early in their conceptual development and research stages, and those marked by uncertainty and challenge, growth and transformation. Process-oriented endeavors focused on research and the production of knowledge, rather than a specific end product or outcome, are of particular interest, as are projects produced by informal ad hoc networks working together in alternative ways.

Organizations in the early stages of formation or whose infrastructures are still fragile, with no permanent facilities or established sources of support. FfAI seeks those that are networked and collaborative beyond local communities, cross-cultural and cross-border in perspective, and international in concept and in practice. Organizations supported by FfAI are self-aware and thinking about their own identity and evolution, about what they do and how they do it. Many are developing new forms of organization, often under precarious circumstances, unaligned with major academic, national, governmental, or institutional entities.